Combination of aluminum and stainless steel
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Combination of aluminum and stainless steel
The Shark Apex Uplight Lift-Away Duoclean - The special Features


We are sure that these shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuums will satisfy most of your requirements if you are looking for a cheap, lightweight stick vacuum with excellent performance.

For a long time, Shark's reputation and sales numbers were dominated by its famous upright vacuums, such as the Shark Navigator and Rotator.

Let's look at why these lightweight stick vacuums have become one of the most common and high-rated stick vacuums on the market today.

Special Features

This UpLight vacuum cleaner combines the best of both worlds, providing the powerful suction of upright vacuums with the flexibility of a stick machine. The following are the primary characteristics that distinguish this new model as an excellent option for your house.

[Image: FpbZwez.jpg]

Powerful Cleaning

The manufacturers have created An airflow of 66 CFM for the Shark apex uplight corded lift away. It has two innovations for high suction: the streamlined channels, which increase airflow speed, and the digital high-spin motor.

The increased flow of air is referred to as Hyper-Velocity suction by the manufacturer. With this feature, the vacuum can clean nearly any surface in your house, including eliminating dirt from various kinds of carpets.

HEPA Filter And Anti-Allergen System

This vacuum provides excellent protection against allergies and other contaminants. It is a completely sealed device, which prevents particles from escaping once the cleaning head has cleaned them up.

The HEPA filtration system and a dust cup that opens downward complete the allergy protection configuration. These precautions will prevent allergens from getting into your house and are safe for people who are sensitive to particles such as dirt and other allergens.

DuoClean Technology

In recent years, this function has become highly popular, and you can find it on many Shark vacuums. A soft roller brush is added to the front of the cleaner head due to this technology. As a result, there are two brushes on the cleaner head.

The extra soft roller brush can pick up bigger dirt more efficiently, and it also performs a fantastic job on bare floors when used in conjunction with the vacuum.

Long Reach And Lift-Away Technology

A removable pod is included with the vacuum. The extended, built-in hose on the lift-away is one of the many features that will amaze you about it.

When completely extended, the hose has a reach of 4 feet 2, allowing you to clean various surfaces such as staircases, vehicle interiors, sofas, and other comparable areas with relative ease.

You may also use the vacuum's wand to increase the reach of the suction, which is very useful for cleaning high areas. The lift-away vacuum cleaner comes with everything you need to vacuum, including a strong suction and a dustbin.

The ability to attach various attachments increases its flexibility, enabling you to clean delicate and difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

Zero-M Technology

We have a few Shark vacuums with Zero-M Technology, and they all perform an excellent job of cleaning the brush roll.

The technology is based on a customized brushroll that prevents hair from wrapping around it too tightly. It also features a comb-like device that combs the hair out of the brushroll and delivers it to the dust canister for disposal.

However, you should note that it may become tangled if your brush roll contains a lot of pet hair.

[Image: a4k6Lj2.jpg]

Dust Canister

The dust container may be easily removed and emptied. It is, however, on the small side, with a capacity of just 0.68 quarts. As a result, a more giant canister would be expected to reduce the frequency of cleaning.


To summarize, we would suggest the Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuum for a variety of reasons: its strong suction, two brush rolls, lift-way design, and flexible attachments, the vacuum can clean any area of your house.

Except for the relatively tiny dustbin, this new vacuum meets the cleaning needs of most households. Last but not least, it is reasonably priced.
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RE: Combination of aluminum and stainless steel
The stresses that arise in the junction of two metals depend not only on the difference in their thermal expansion coefficients. If we write down Hooke's law for these stresses, then it will look like this:
σ1 = E1ΔTΔα, where σ1 is the stress in one of the layers, E1 is the elastic modulus of this layer, ΔT is the temperature difference, Δα is the difference in the coefficients of linear thermal expansion.
Since the modulus of elasticity of aluminum is relatively small, and the softening temperature is low (there simply cannot be a large ΔT due to the transition of the material into a plastic state), the resulting stresses are also small. In addition, the difference in linear thermal coefficients between austhenic stainless steels (α = 17-18 x10-6K-1) and aluminum alloys (α = 20-23 x 10-6K-1) is not at all that significant.
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RE: Combination of aluminum and stainless steel
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