Coating toTube Wall Furnance
03-30-2010, 03:09 PM,
Coating toTube Wall Furnance
Dear all,
Does anyone have any experiences for Coating toTube Wall Furnance, my customer spec. using Arc-Spray Wire as follows : Cr: 28%,C:3.5%,B:2%,Mn:<1%,Ti:1% or mentioned as TE-7B > very stange for me.
Some of the Tube Wall in Power Plant / Coal Generater using MXC-95 or Metcolloy 2, why so many type of wires, which one is the best or longer lifetime among three grades above ?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks & Regards,
Iwan Sedaryawan - Website :
03-31-2010, 03:56 PM,
RE: Coating toTube Wall Furnance
Hi sedaryawan

Quote:why so many type of wires
Our world would be a simpler place if we only had one wire material and no choice to worry about Happy0193

Quote:which one is the best or longer lifetime among three grades above ?
I can't really answer that without much information and possibly testing. Metcoloy 2, a 13 Cr steel, Cheap and cheerful, may well be adequate for some applications. "TE-7B" (could not find any info on this) and 95 MXC I think are roughly similar, potentially harder wearing and better corrosion resistance. To make things worse Smile the potential choice could be much larger and will depend very much on the specific operating environment.
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RE: Coating toTube Wall Furnance
Deviate from the customer specification at your own peril.

I do a lot of work in boilers, and generally speaking they do not arrive at their wire specification arbitrarily. Assuming the balance of the alloy is Fe, that composition is actually very similar to a wire that we have used frequently in areas that have special corrosion considerations in conjunction with an abrasive environment. They are probably blending coal from all over the place to fire this boiler, and that leads to some strange atmospheric conditions inside of the boiler that are variable from hour to hour depending on what pile of coal they are throwing in at the time. I would strongly suggest asking your customer how they arrived at the specification before trying to substitute.
04-03-2010, 02:30 AM,
RE: Coating toTube Wall Furnance
Hi Iwan:

a Google search lead me to (links dead)

The website of a Finland Company involved in Thermal Spray for the paper industry. I know your customer is a Paper Company, with many expatriates from Finland, and equipment supplied from Finland, I expect this is your root source of Information.

You need to contact, face to face with the end user, and get them to explain their needs and objectives. We have many products similar to this material, but not the same composition exactly.
04-04-2010, 10:40 AM,
RE: Coating toTube Wall Furnance
Usually for high temperature applications, we use to spray Inconel 625 or Hastelloy C, and depend of the place of the fire on the wall furnace, and the kind of fuel been used, for the choice of the spray system, arc spray, HVOFW, HVOF or Arc weld, this materials can work since temperatures of about 900 C, but this depend of the kind of corrosion agent generated by combustion fuel used, they are many others materials for high temperature applications but the cost is higher .
Regards Luigi
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