Coating Tickness
03-30-2020, 03:45 PM,
Coating Tickness
Hello friends,

I have a problem to measure WC Co coating tickness on Ti. I have tried some tickness device but they didnt measure it correct. Could you please advice me how to measure?

thank you.

03-31-2020, 06:19 PM,
RE: Coating Tickness
Hello Mike
The only way is by using an Ultrasonic thickness gauge, I used one from NDT to measure TSA coating on Stainless steel with a very good result, and even if may not be enough difference in material density and sound velocity for an ultrasonic
thickness gauge to detect the interface point between the WcCo coating and Titanium base material. For TSA coating I found the best way to get a valid measurement that was, first measured the Ti base material before and then after the WcCo Coating is applied, but take care to do the measure in the same points, specially if the Titanium particular thickness it’s non homogeneous. Remember that you would have to compensate for the difference in sound velocity (K), between Ti and WcCo (for example: 300 series Stainless is 0.226 to 0.226 in/microsecond and 1100 and 1050 Aluminum constant is 0.248 to 0.251 in/microsecond, Mild carbon steel is 0.232 in/microsecond), When you buy the ultrasonic tester, in the user manual you’ll have the (K) value for the most known materials, if there isn't for Ti, NDT will send you the value to use for titanium.
Best regards

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