Choice of material assistance
05-15-2012, 10:01 PM,
Choice of material assistance
Dear SEF members,

I want to ask something about some hvof material about slippery surfaces. We have a PE, PP and PS process with steel mold. The problem is after a time of application it athese to the surface of the mold. The prevented it is adhesive to the surface of the mold.

We do not want to stick PS or PP to the steel mold.
Firstly we decided to coat Al2O3 TiO2 with 6pII, Do you have any suggestion to prevent it is athensive of the plastic surface to the steel mold.

working environment information

Max temp 200 C
Mold material is Steel
Banner and Sign Material PE,PS
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RE: Choice of material assistance
Something simple like a spray can moly coating or metco antibond or similar graphite.

metco 101?
Polished chrome plating?
05-30-2012, 08:56 AM,
RE: Choice of material assistance
Do you mean PP material sticky the mold surface? try to spray some mold release on the mold before molding the parts. if still sticky the mold surface then need engineer find out the reason.such as:
maybe the injection molding pressure too high, and the cycle time takes too long;mold surface temperture too high; or the gate size is not reasonable or the gate location is not right. or the mold surface need more polish etc... there are many reasons will cause parts sticky the mold.
wish you good luck to solve it soon.
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06-13-2012, 05:03 AM,
RE: Choice of material assistance
I am too going through same problem. Have tried spraying mold but its still sticky. Any other solution plz.

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