Chinese gas wok range
05-29-2011, 02:34 PM,
Chinese gas wok range
A Chinese wok range comprise by several standard units this standard units manufacture by machine into a uniform shape to fasten, easily & economical assembly a combination Chinese wok chinese range. The new combination Chinese wok range easily match restaurant kitchen's equipment layout plan, kitchen's form & kitchen's sizes to perform customs demand styles and scheme. The new entire unit is designed for extra strength and durability with a high quality of high technical workmanship.
In accordance with the invention. The Chinese gas wok range includes several section: The Chinese range burners unit, Chinese range auxiliary unit and accessories unit. Chinese range burners unit tops are made of a double jacket casings by heavy steel plate reinforced with a welded angle iron frame. the burners drums are weld to the range top to form a rigid one-piece assembly which is bolted to the range auxiliary unit. The range tops double jacket casings for help control stove top temperature and prevent waste cooled range top water.

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