Ceramic Coating of Internal Diameters and Small Precision Parts
07-08-2014, 01:07 PM,
Lightbulb  Ceramic Coating of Internal Diameters and Small Precision Parts
Reaction Processed Ceramic

[Image: internalbore.png]

The limiting factors governing thermal spray deposition on internal bores are relatively well documented, and even with specially adapted spray heads it is generally only possible to coat a bore larger than 3½–4″ in diameter and even then there are issues with bonding and internal stresses.

As a company we have developed a technique that enables fully dense chrome based ceramic coatings to be deposited to internal bores from as small as 13mm (½″) in diameter and even possibly smaller, with diameter to length ratios exceeding 1:10 and more.

[Image: smallbores.png]

Reaction Processed Ceramic (RPC 24/8) creates smooth, pore-free, fully dense ceramic structures with excellent corrosion and sliding wear resistant properties. The flexibility of the RPC process enables external surfaces of small precision components such as pump shafts to be selectively coated that provides excellent wear resistant 'ceramic bands' that are ideally suited to run seals directly against.

The images showcase a Reaction Processed Ceramic (RPC 24/8) internally coated tube, a small external diameter coated shaft (note the pen size for comparison) and a pore-free fully dense structure as shown in the cross section micrograph. Further information can be found on our website at www.refmet.com/coatings/rpc
[Image: micrograph.png]

Can anyone suggest or help us in identifying possible applications where such a break-through technology can be used and applied?

Refmet Ceramics Ltd
Coatings based on diamond, ceramic, composite structures and solid lubrication films.

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