Buy a plasma system
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Buy a plasma system
Frequently asked questions about shark navigator lift-away deluxe NV360

Currently, vacuum cleaners have become an effective assistant for every family in cleaning the house. With convenience, smart features, and maximum cleaning efficiency, everyone wants to bring themselves the best vacuum cleaner. On the market today, anyone who likes technology can't ignore the name Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360. And do you probably have a lot of questions about it? Read the Q&A article below for more information:

1. What are the unique features of Shark vacuum NV360?

Looking for more from a vacuum cleaner? What will Shark vacuum NV360 have?

First, with powerful suction power, the device helps clean dirt, debris, debris, pet hair, etc... on various floor surfaces.

Equipped with innovative lifeway technology, it helps you disassemble parts to easily move and clean in other hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, under beds, furniture. Therefore, you do not need to bring the vacuum cleaner with you.

In addition, the device uses a rotating steering wheel to control the movement around objects and obstacles. The brush also breaks feature allows you to switch carpet cleaning hard floors quickly.

A large dust cup capacity will not interrupt your cleaning process.

[Image: 4JrkHwq.jpg]

2. What are the accessories that come with Shark NV360?

In addition to the main parts such as straw, brush, and dust box, the Shark nv360 will come with a fur brush to help clean up maximum fur, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a long straw for vacuuming in areas Hard-to-reach areas are easier and the motorized floor brush.

3. Is it capable of cleaning fur and debris?

Shark nv360 is completely capable of cleaning fur and the most debris, debris, and hair. However, in any vacuuming device, you should note that its main function is to clean dirt. Therefore, before using the device, you should collect large fragments, sharp objects to avoid blockage and tearing of the suction pipe. At the same time, you need to detangle the pet brush after each use for the device to clean effectively next time.

4. Is it possible to clean the dust cup?

You can completely clean the vacuum cleaner’s dust container, preferably regularly, or there is a sign that the dust container is full. This works with just a few easy steps that are guided before you buy the machine. Regular cleaning of the dust container makes the dust cleaning process better.

5.Shark nv360 equipped with which filter?

Based on the Shark NV360 Reviews, the Hepa filter is one of the features that consumers appreciate. A HEPA filter, capable of retaining 99.9%, can assist it in fine dust, bacteria, allergies from pollen, and fur easily before being discharged into the back hole of the device. This feature keeps your home's air fresh and is great for allergy-prone members.

We recommend that you clean the filter periodically and replace it every one to two years to ensure that your home's air is always at its best.

[Image: dJBPlYO.jpg]

The above articles are some basic questions that consumers often ask about Shark NV360. If you want more information, please visit our website. Hope you will have a great experience!

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