Bronze + AP Sealer
09-22-2014, 01:40 AM,
Bronze + AP Sealer
Hi All,

We are having some issues with coating appearance and finish when using AP sealer with Sprabronze.

If we spray Sprabronze onto any substrate and machine it we get fantastic results

If we seal the coating then machine it it appears to suffer from excessive particle pull out.

We have had a micro done on the coating and all is typical for that particular coating.

Does anyone know if there are specific procedures to follow when sealing+machining a Bronze Coating? We have tried 101 different machining techniques but have had no success. In the first photo you will see 2 sprayed "journals" the outer one is the sealed+machined the middle one is unsealed +machined

The 3rd photo is the micro of our coating.

We have tried different sealers, different machining methods, different curing processes but cannot get a good finish on a sealed coating. The sealer is part of a procedure therefore we cannot leave it unsealed.

Any help would be appreciated



[Image: 5pejr8small.jpg]

[Image: 30jkzsismall.jpg]

[Image: 1z6gkxzsmall.jpg]

10-07-2014, 10:00 PM,
RE: Bronze + AP Sealer
Hi Kev
I think that yo are having some corrosion phenomenal, because Sprabronze is Cu/Al, and is a very sensitive to corrosive agents, and AP sealer are very reactive with Cu/Al, because is a modified phenolic paint, I to seal and protect bronze or copper against corrosion I use Benzotriazole (Applichem), mixed with thinner or alcohol, is a very good sealer when there are porosity, but as well as it protect very well against corrosive environment, it has a low temperature limit.
Best regards

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