Broaching of automobile parts
11-28-2018, 09:13 AM,
Broaching of automobile parts
Broaching is a high productivity processing method using broaching tools. The broach is a broaching tool. It is a multi tooth high efficiency cutting tool which can process internal and external surfaces. The structure of broaches is integral, assembled and inserted.
Broaching is a processing method that can guarantee certain machining quality and high productivity. It has its own characteristics:
1. high machining quality
In broaching, roughing, semi-finishing and precision machining are completed in one working stroke of broach; in broaching, the cutting speed is generally not high, so the heat of cutting is less, and the cutting temperature is lower. With the help of broach, such as light cutter teeth and simple machine tool transmission, it is beneficial to obtain high machining quality.
2. high productivity
In broaching, the broach moves axially, and the cutting path of the broach edge is only equal to the length of the machined surface. Although the speed is low, it is much shorter than the spiral cutting path of the broach edge in reaming and boring, so the broaching productivity is high.
Therefore, broaching is a kind of processing method which can ensure good quality and high productivity. It is widely used in mass production.

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