Blast wheel housing
05-18-2011, 12:26 PM,
Blast wheel housing
A blast wheel housing comprising front and rear walls, a pair of end walls integrally joined along adjacent edges to the front and rear walls, a top secured to the upper edges of the walls, an opening formed in the front wall, an access door hingedly connected to the front wall so as to selectively close the opening, an aperture formed in the access door, and a feed chute detachably secured to the access door for the purpose of feeding shot through the aperture technology is well known wherein shot is directed toward material to be treated by feeding the shot through an impeller onto a set of spinning blades. Of course, the blades accelerate the shot so as to achieve the desired deburring of the material situated in the blast machine. Naturally, over time the constant impinging of shot on the blades causes wear to the point that the blades must be replaced. Typically, the Blast wheels housing is positioned on the blast machine in such a manner that access thereto is quite awkward.

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