Bathing facility
05-14-2011, 06:49 AM,
Bathing facility
In accordance with the invention, it has been discovered that if an enclosure for the top of the bath room fittings is constructed as a domed hood curved about a radius which substantially matches one-half the width of the tub or other facility, it is particularly effective in reflecting and focussing the heated moist air currents within the facility so as to cause them to circulate toward and about the person of the user.
These results are achieved with the enclosure for an essentially square shower stall by means of a spherically curved hood having its diameter of curvature substantially equal to the width of the enclosure. In the case of a bath tub facility, the hood is made with its main central portion cylindrically curved about a radius substantially equal to one-half the width of the bath tub, and with its end portions formed as approximately quarter-spheres of the same radius as the cylindrically curved central portion.

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