BORON CLUSTERS [split] Boriding or boronizing
12-28-2007, 11:10 PM,
BORON CLUSTERS [split] Boriding or boronizing

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I'm a new member of the forum and have been specializing in the practical industrial modification of this highly advantageous treatment for many years. I have developed an entirely new class of boron materials which are capable of producing all the highly desirable properties of boron, and none of the traditional limitations which have prevented industrial-scale usage. This is exclusively due to the discovery of a method of producing pure BORON CLUSTERS which are somewhat analogous to Carbon Fullerenes and nanotubes. The clusters are properly described as "metamaterials" since they have properties of both metals and ceramics at the same time, as well as many which are unlike any other known materials.

The original application was ion implantation of silicon wafers for microprocessor fabrication. However, during the course of that research and development project, extraordinary spontaneous reactions with virtually every material used in the experimental apparatus was consistently observed. Subsequent analysis of the components revealed that entirely novel new materials were being created. For example, high purity graphite electrodes were growing integral surface layers of boron carbide which were not traditional B4C as one would expect, but rather turned out to be _B13C2_ with utterly different properties.

Virtually every element in the Periodic Table is predicted to be able to form this entirely new class of boron-cluster-based truly covalent molecular compounds which have crystalline structure.

We are just bringing this out of the laboratory, and are presently in the pre-commercialization stage of corporate evolution. Significant preliminary interest is being expressed by the US DoD and DoE. We are seeking research and Development sponsorship from carefully selected members of the Commercial Sector.

Should anyone find this of interest, please contact Rick Becker at > <. We are very pleased to be a new member of your community, and look forward to making many new friends.

Regards and Happy New Year,

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RE: Boriding or boronizing
Hi Rick

Sign0016 to the Surface Engineering Forum.

Sounds interesting.

I think this may be worth starting a new thread.


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RE: BORON CLUSTERS [split] Boriding or boronizing
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