Arc Spray investment help
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Arc Spray investment help
Hi ,
We are planning Arc Spray investment. We wanna spray all kind of wire solid and cores. Can any body give advice to choose wich one is the best solution and coating qualty

Sulzer Metco SmartArc
Sulzer Metco FlexiArc 300
Castolin EutronicArc Spray

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RE: Arc Spray investment help
The MEC Arc Spray Unit; Model : Arcjet 99 combines typical features of the arc spray technology such as reliability and robustness with the highest demands for process control and system compatibility of modern arc spray technology. New technology for the power supply is combination with the highly accurate wire feed and the controlled air cap geometry allows controlled and uniform energy transfer on to the wire material. This allows the energy transfer to be adapted to the needs of the applications.

You can check catalog on our website link :-


Jaydev Choudhary

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RE: Arc Spray investment help
What is your application? Some systems spray at higher amps than 300 therefore you can get more though-put. Some have push and pull motors, some have push only (lighter gun) and some have pull only (heavier). Some systems have a number of air cap/nozzle arrangements such as High Velocity, spreader, anti-skid etc. Some have extensions some don't. I think its also important that whoever you buy from is represented locally. Also check to see if anyone makes copy parts for the equipment. Then you know its quite popular. For aircraft applications etc. you can get systems that save parameters and job information on a PLC.
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RE: Arc Spray investment help
How about Tafa systems like 9000 or newer. Definitely not the cheapest system out there. Better then Metco. No experience with the machines from above posts. The company might sell parts for the guns though.
Lots of companies make spare parts for their systems for much cheaper.
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RE: Arc Spray investment help
Metallisation 140 - 250 Talk with Stuart Milton on here

As mentioned above Metallisation manufacture all equipment and spares in house they have a global footprint so you can be directed to a distributor in your area.
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RE: Arc Spray investment help
No one of that you say are goods arc spray system, due for high price and very heavy guns, I can recomend two system, as a good quality/price ratio, and economic benefit are important, but the most important factors it's reliability..
ArcJet 99 is a very good system like Margarido M45 which have a very handy and easy to use gun.
Best regards
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RE: Arc Spray investment help
Loriolo I have to disagree with you 100%, the 140 pistol has a weight of 2.3kgs which is not heavy (have you had your weetabix?) 2 of the main features of the Metallisation system are as follows

Air-cooled cables reduce pistol supply weight and operator fatigue.

Lightweight and good balance for ease of pistol manoeuvrability.

As far as price goes they are always competitive
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RE: Arc Spray investment help
All arc guns will spray the same kinds of coatings. A given amount of electrical current will melt a corresponding amount of wire. Changing air caps can change the spray pattern a little bit, but the basic mechanism of coating is always the same. That being said, the way to decide which system is best for you is to evaluate reliability, both of wire feeding and component wear.

A "pull-type" gun will give you uniform, reliable feeding. It may weigh a little more, but it very little. Guns are available with both electric and pneumatic motors. Get an electric motor. It will be more reliable. Lastly, look at the materials of construction of the gun. The parts should be made out of materials which can withstand the constant feeding of the wire and the associated heat.

Since everyone else is plugging their favorite system, I will recommend the ArcMaster 300 from UniqueCoat. It is a lightweight, pull-type gun with an electric drive made of high quality materials. It has adjustable drive rollers to allow the user to feed soft, hard, and cored wires.

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