Application of welding robot
11-16-2018, 09:30 AM,
Application of welding robot
The automobile manufacturing industry is booming, and the requirements for efficiency and quality of work are getting higher and higher. The development of science and technology has brought forth a new welding and assembling mode for automobile parts, that is, using welding robot to weld and assembling automobile parts can effectively reduce work errors and improve production quality and efficiency.
Welding robot with welding robot can effectively relieve workers' excessive working intensity. In the welding of automobile suspension bracket, if manual welding is used, two people need to operate a pair of manual welding pliers together, and the operation posture will be more difficult because of space problems. And it is easy to cause safety accidents and threaten employees' life and health. Feilong Jiangli adopts welding robot to weld automobile suspension bracket, which not only reduces worker's work intensity and accident rate, but also improves production efficiency.
In addition, the robot is flexible in operation, which can effectively improve the production rhythm efficiency and improve the welding quality.

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