Apparatus for bending cutting blade
05-13-2011, 02:34 PM,
Apparatus for bending cutting blade
The present invention relates to an apparatus for bending blade, and more particularly to an apparatus for mechanically bending a cutting blade into a predetermined profile by the use of rotating bending members.
The most conventional and well-known traditional method to bend a cutting blade may be the skill of manually punching the blade for imparting appropriate curves thereto. The advent of automatic processing has also influenced on the fields to which the present invention pertains so that various types of automatic bending machines have been developed, the typical one being shown in FIG.
There have been also attempts for bending various cutting blades having different width with a single bending machine. For instance the apparatus of Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. Hei10-286,625 places on a platform a plurality of folders with different width, and, in the bending processing, selects a suitable one based upon the width of the cutting blade to be bent which affords to provide the most proper bending force. However, despite of the merit of wider applications, this invention does not consider the most important physical property of the cutting blade likewise other prior arts.

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