Any substitute electronic power for notebook user to save energy?
11-29-2012, 08:19 AM,
Any substitute electronic power for notebook user to save energy?
Hello Guys,

Any type notebook computer better, the function comparisons are many. The price quite is cheap? If anyone having any suggestions regarding this, please share. I did not get any suggestion from my search so I think you will help me in this discussion forum.

Tony Mccallum

12-05-2012, 07:08 AM,
RE: Any substitute electronic power for notebook user to save energy?
Hello Friends,

About the only ways to save energy when you buy a notebook is 1) Look for the Energy Star label, which means your computer can use all the power saving options that windows offers, and 2) you can buy a portable solar cell that can recharge your battery in about 1hr or less. They are expensive, and the quicker you want them to work the closer they should come to the output rating on the notebooks charger. Most chargers output at 20V, 3.5 to 4A, but check the notebook for exactly what you need. My brother-in-law is in Alaska. He can use his notebook with a satellite modem and a solar panel even when he is way out in the field. The setup is expensive, but it can be done.

Thanks and Regards
Vicky Milza

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