Analysis of wrinkles and wrinkles in drawing parts
10-26-2018, 10:14 AM,
Analysis of wrinkles and wrinkles in drawing parts
Wrinkles are mainly caused by instability caused by local blank compression and uneven material flow resulting in local material accumulation and wrinkles. Specifically, there are the following aspects:
(1) It is difficult to control the material flow rate and cause wrinkles because of poor stamping process, improper stamping direction and shape of blanking surface.
(2) the feed resistance of the feed surface is too small, and the material is wrinkled by excessive feeding. At this time, the pressure of the outer slider can be adjusted or the local shape of the drawing blank can be changed, the area of the blank can be reduced by pressing the blank, or the feeding resistance can be increased by locally adding the drawing rib.
(3) the contact of the pressing material surface is not good. After the material passes through the tight area, the pressure ring will lose the pressing effect, resulting in too much feed and wrinkles. At this time, the surface should be re ground to ensure full contact.
(4) too much oil and lubrication.
(5) improper adjustment of external slider causes tilt, causing uneven pressure on all sides and loosening easily.

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