Amdry960+Metco73FNS-1 Sample issue
06-23-2008, 10:29 AM,
Amdry960+Metco73FNS-1 Sample issue
we had a part sprayed Amdry960 bondcoat and Metco73FNS-1 topcoat,we didn't spray the samples with the part. before spray the part,how to spray the test samples?spray the two powders seperately or A.960+M.73 together?it's from CFM56 parts.I think its necessary to spray the sample the same as to the part,but we have a confuse and I have no idea to get the right information from our immature system.Anyone could guide?thanks a lot!
06-23-2008, 01:37 PM,
RE: Amdry960+Metco73FNS-1 Sample issue

We are talking about GE CFM56 right? The GE Standard Practice Manual gives you guild lines on proving out your system and operators.

What we like to do is firstly approve the powder on a set up similar to that of the actual job, same nozzle distance, turn table speed etc and also attach a button to the job if applicable. For example if we were spraying a stator case we would attach a few buttons to the VSV holes.

I believe you can approve both powders in one test piece.


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