Amdry 2010 & Metco 601
06-16-2008, 07:56 AM,
Amdry 2010 & Metco 601
Dear All:

Any one is using both SM abradable powders? Do you find any differences between two? My experience told me that parameter used in Amdry 2010 cant suit for Metco 601 due to its higher content of polyester. Do you encounter problem like that?

Secondly, how to increase hardness of Metco 601? I have problem to obtain hardness of min 55 15Y. Please see my parameter below.

Gun: SM 3MB
Current: 490A
Ar: 75 SLPM
H2: 2 SLPM
Nozzle: GH
Port: #2
Feedrate: 60 g/min
Carrier Gas: 4.8 slpm
Distance: 120mm

With powder port #2, there is always powder built-up at the opening, may I know how to solve it? reduce feedrate?

Thank You
06-16-2008, 01:35 PM,
RE: Amdry 2010 & Metco 601
Hi ykang

Where did you get those parameters from?

The parameters look wrong to me for Metco 601. Try:

Nozzle GP
Powder port #2
Current 500A
Ar 93 SLPM (converted from 190 FMR @100psi)
H2 2.7 SLPM (estimated from 5 FMR @50psi)
Feed rate 25 g/min (75 g/min with dual feed possible)
Carrier gas Ar ~ 7.5 (50FMR @ 100psi Ar)
Spray distance 75 - 100 mm

Some of the above have been converted or estimated from old Metco parameters. It appears that your parameters have been modified to try and suit a wide bore GH nozzle, but they still look very wrong to me.

Hope this helps Big Grin
06-17-2008, 06:38 AM,
Rolleyes  RE: Amdry 2010 & Metco 601
Hi Gordon:

Well, I do have your old metco parameter, I will try it again. Parameter that I provided was modified by some other source. Rolleyes



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