All about carbide steel saw
06-01-2011, 03:56 PM,
All about carbide steel saw
A saw having a plurality of spaced teeth around the periphery of a carbide steel saw and a plurality of slots cut inwardly of the periphery of the saw disc, the slots preferably being faced on the cutting side with a facing inlay extending substantially the length thereof, the facing inlay having a width substantially the same, or slightly less than the width of the kerf of the cutting teeth. The cutting edge of the slots is in a negative hook position with respect to saw motion and to a radial line extending from the center of the saw blade to the periphery thereof.
One method of cutting semirough cants or flat material into lumber involves the use of an edger using circular saws in fixed multiple positions mounted on an arbor or on collars. There are both single and double arbor saws. In the double arbor saw one set of saws is mounted directly over but slightly ahead or back of the other set of saws. A great amount of difficulty has been encountered in breakage of saw blades used in both the single and double arbor edgers, resulting in a tremendous amount of down time and expense of replacement of the saw blades. Conventional edger saws usually become damaged, burned, and eventually break, usually around the eye or center portion of the saw.

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