All about bars parallels
05-19-2011, 04:09 PM,
All about bars parallels
one of the objectives of this invention is to create a parallel bar system designed so that when an individual loses his arm's strength he still stays upright on the parallel bars and will not fall. This not only helps the disable person but also means that there is less necessity of supervision on the bars. Further, the mere fact that he will not fall if he loses his strength will give the individual walking the bar much more confidence and allow them to make greater gain on the training. Also, it is an objection of the invention to create a parallel bar system such that an individual who does not have sufficient arm and leg strength to walk a regular set of parallel bars would be able to walk this newly invented set of parallel bars. This will enable another class of individuals whose strength is not sufficient for parallel bars now in use to use the inventor's bars parallels system.

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