Air Filtration System
04-12-2010, 03:51 AM,
Air Filtration System
Colleagues, we are moving premises which allows me to redo my air fitlration system. and I am look for suggestions to improve our air handling system. We do twin wire arc spray, mainly Aluminium and zinc with a little bit of SS/ Monel / CuNi. We have been using a 24 cartridge suction air filter, and find that the existing cartidges are fine for blasting dust (steel grit), ok for Zinc, they clog very easily / quickly with Al dust. We have a reverse pulse air jet cleaning system on the filters, but the Al dust is so "light" the filters do not self clean. (we can be running 2~3 arc guns at the same time in the same filter system, so the dust volumes can be significant)

Has anyone any suggestions on ways to improve - a cyclone seperator before the filters ?
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RE: Air Filtration System
Short filter life/efficiency normally means that the dust collector is undersized - a common occurrence. The relevance of which is that the 'air to cloth ratio' is far too high. Arc Spraying applications should always run on a very low A:C.

I have sent you a PM with contacts for the best solutions for Alumin(i)um extraction and optimising existing extraction units.
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