95Ni 5Al bond strength
01-14-2016, 06:09 PM,
95Ni 5Al bond strength
Hello group,

I've seen man technical data sheets that state that a ~9000 psi bond strength can be achieved with 95Ni 5Al wire.
I have a TAFA 9000 that is... shall we say... slowly dying, but still functional.

I am curious why I am only able to achieve ~5000psi bond strength with a 410SS substrate coupon using 24 grit AlOx as the prep.

Could the TAFA 9000 be causing the issue because it is slowly fading away?
Voltage is difficult to maintain and history has shown that to be the sign of near death for a TAFA 9000.

Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: 95Ni 5Al bond strength
Hi Alaskangrown
I obtained with Ni5Al 1,6 wire ever about 64 MPa (≈ 9200 psi) with an arc spray AWS400, and in the past with a Smartarc, I obtained about 62 MPA (≈ 9000 psi), I think that your system needs a maintenance, you must check the rectifier and the geometry of the torch, and after this if every think work well you must do a parameters setting (Amps. /Spray distance/ air pressure, etc..)

Hi alaskangrouwn
Again, Before I do not see well that your substrate material is a 410ss, I obtained that values on 314 and steel, it means that you must spray on martensitic grade stainless steel, and with this kind of steel, is necessary to pay attention on preparation method, because is very difficult to obtain a good blasted profile, try with corundum grit blasting or harder blasting abrasive.
Best regards

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