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Random Pictures

  • Black Ant MacroBlack Ant Macro
  • Rosebay WillowherbRosebay Willowherb
  • Hanimex 135mm F/3.5 Telephoto LensHanimex 135mm F/3.5 Telephoto Lens
  • Young Cow Resting PK16129Young Cow Resting PK16129
  • Red-tailed Bumblebee on Knapweed FlowerRed-tailed Bumblebee on Knapweed Flower
  • Hazy SunHazy Sun
  • Mallard Duck with DucklingsMallard Duck with Ducklings
  • Flying Saucer (enclosed reservoir)Flying Saucer (enclosed reservoir)
  • Silver-washed Fritillary ButterflySilver-washed Fritillary Butterfly
  • Heathland Landscape - pk116139Heathland Landscape - pk116139