Gordon England

Welcome to my photography obsession gallery

Random Pictures

  • Guinea Pig GazeGuinea Pig Gaze
  • Large Red DamselflyLarge Red Damselfly
  • Little Grebe with FishLittle Grebe with Fish
  • Fringe Water-lilyFringe Water-lily
  • Chequered HoverflyChequered Hoverfly
  • Canon Pellix 35mm SLR CameraCanon Pellix 35mm SLR Camera
  • Fallow Stag DeerFallow Stag Deer
  • Mallard Duck with Chicks in TowMallard Duck with Chicks in Tow
  • Mallard Duck with DucklingsMallard Duck with Ducklings
  • Toad Tadpole ShoalToad Tadpole Shoal