Gordon England

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Random Pictures

  • Jupiter 9 with EOS lens mount modificationJupiter 9 with EOS lens mount modification
  • Sunset - pk116244Sunset - pk116244
  • Buff-tailed Bumblebee on BuddleiaBuff-tailed Bumblebee on Buddleia
  • Pink Hydrangea macrophylla Flowers - 400d-4398Pink Hydrangea macrophylla Flowers - 400d-4398
  • Roe Deer on PathRoe Deer on Path
  • Common Darter DragonflyCommon Darter Dragonfly
  • Montbretia FlowerMontbretia Flower
  • Large Tachinid Fly Tachina ursinaLarge Tachinid Fly Tachina ursina
  • Wood Pigeon in the SnowWood Pigeon in the Snow
  • Beetle on Fleabane FlowerBeetle on Fleabane Flower