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Random Pictures

  • Kimmeridge Walk 25 Aug 2018Kimmeridge Walk 25 Aug 2018
  • Carrion Crow - 6d0566Carrion Crow - 6d0566
  • Comma Butterfly - 6d9030Comma Butterfly - 6d9030
  • Male Southern Hawker DragonflyMale Southern Hawker Dragonfly
  • Brimstone Butterfly on Vetch FlowerBrimstone Butterfly on Vetch Flower
  • Mallard Duck with Raft of DucklingsMallard Duck with Raft of Ducklings
  • Fly on Chive FlowerFly on Chive Flower
  • RobinRobin
  • Bugs on Yellow FlowerBugs on Yellow Flower
  • snowmen-early-fergusartsnowmen-early-fergusart