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Random Pictures

  • Black-Headed Cardinal BeetleBlack-Headed Cardinal Beetle
  • Mother Seal with PupMother Seal with Pup
  • Willowherb Flower - 400d-4407Willowherb Flower - 400d-4407(!)
  • What are you looking at? - 6D-8532What are you looking at? - 6D-8532
  • Sulphur Tuft Fungus on TreeSulphur Tuft Fungus on Tree
  • Orb weaver spider Zygiella x-notataOrb weaver spider Zygiella x-notata
  • Roebuck - c-6d0803Roebuck - c-6d0803
  • Black-headed Cardinal BeetleBlack-headed Cardinal Beetle
  • Grey Squirrel Perched in PineGrey Squirrel Perched in Pine
  • Common Darter Dragonfly on HeatherCommon Darter Dragonfly on Heather