Gordon England

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Random Pictures

  • Silver Birch Tree CatkinsSilver Birch Tree Catkins
  • Heathland KestrelHeathland Kestrel
  • Two DragonfliesTwo Dragonflies
  • Cow Grazing on Oak Tree LeavesCow Grazing on Oak Tree Leaves
  • Crow PaddlingCrow Paddling
  • Fergus and Helen Houns Tout AscentFergus and Helen Houns Tout Ascent
  • Adder (Vipera berus) snakeAdder (Vipera berus) snake
  • Swans on Tundry PondSwans on Tundry Pond
  • Caesar's Camp Hill FortCaesar's Camp Hill Fort
  • Corfe Castle VillageCorfe Castle Village