Gordon England

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Random Pictures

  • Blooming Gorse with Stonechat - 6d0639Blooming Gorse with Stonechat - 6d0639
  • Pastel blue Hydrangea macrophylla flowers - 400d-4396Pastel blue Hydrangea macrophylla flowers - 400d-4396(!)
  • Ants Farming AphidsAnts Farming Aphids
  • Carder Bee on ThistleCarder Bee on Thistle
  • Kestrel with PreyKestrel with Prey
  • Scot's Broom - 6d0899Scot's Broom - 6d0899
  • Autumn Sunset with CowAutumn Sunset with Cow
  • Lake Shrouded in FogLake Shrouded in Fog
  • Early Forget-me-notEarly Forget-me-not
  • Long-tailed Field MouseLong-tailed Field Mouse