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Random Pictures

  • Common Darter DragonflyCommon Darter Dragonfly
  • Bumblebee visiting FoxgloveBumblebee visiting Foxglove
  • Lake at Dusk - pk116483Lake at Dusk - pk116483
  • Silken Tents of Brown Tail Moth LarvaeSilken Tents of Brown Tail Moth Larvae
  • Roe Dear Doe - 6d0394Roe Dear Doe - 6d0394
  • Common WaspCommon Wasp
  • Common Emerald Moth - 40d05775Common Emerald Moth - 40d05775
  • Bee on Pussy Willow CatkinBee on Pussy Willow Catkin
  • Blue Tit on Gorse - 6d0527Blue Tit on Gorse - 6d0527
  • Adder SnakeAdder Snake