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Random Pictures

  • Ragwort FlowerRagwort Flower
  • Tormentil or Creeping CinquefoilTormentil or Creeping Cinquefoil
  • Pentacon 300mm F4 lens Aperture BladesPentacon 300mm F4 lens Aperture Blades
  • Caesar's Camp SunsetCaesar's Camp Sunset
  • Tutsan St John's Wort - pk117444Tutsan St John's Wort - pk117444
  • Roe Deer Crossing PathRoe Deer Crossing Path
  • Jupiter 9 with EOS lens mount modificationJupiter 9 with EOS lens mount modification
  • Kingfisher - 6d4662Kingfisher - 6d4662
  • Black-headed Gull Hunting MayflyBlack-headed Gull Hunting Mayfly
  • Small Bee on thistle Flower - 6d7813Small Bee on thistle Flower - 6d7813