24 March 2000

Product Range1. Parts Stocked for Metco Plasma Guns
ItemITS Part NumberGun / TorchOEM Part No
G NozzleITS G3MB, 7MB, 9MB3/7/9MB-G
GE NozzleITS GE3MB, 7MB, 9MB3/7/9MB-GE
GH NozzleITS GH3MB, 7MB, 9MB3/7/9MB-GH
GP NozzleITS GP3MB, 7MB, 9MB3/7/9MB-GP
Metco ElectrodeITS 9M633MB, 7MB, 9MB9M-63
Hose Unit: Nozzle PositiveITS 7MH-10 (15)3MB, 7MB, 9MB7MH-10
Hose Unit: Electrode NegativeITS 7MH-20 (15)3MB, 7MB, 9MB7MH-20
Hose Unit Complete(Comprises both above Items)ITS 7MH (15)3MB, 7MB, 9MB7 MH
 2. Parts Stocked for PT Plasma Torches
ItemITS Part NumberGun / TorchOEM Part No
F4 NozzleITS F4-NPT F4300 002
F4 Nozzle Special 8mmITS F4-N (8mm)PT F4 
F4 ElectrodeITS F4-EPT F4300 001
F4 N & E SetITS F4 N&EPT F4300 003
F4 Injector 1.5mm (Half Thread)ITS F4-1.5PT F4 
F4 Injector 1.8mm (Half Thread)ITS F4-1.8PT F4 
F4 Injector 2.0 mm (Half Thread)ITS F4-2.0PT F4 
Injector SupportITS 300 016-APT F4 
Injector Support 90/15/75/90ITS 300 057LPT F4300 057L
F1/F4 Injector 1.5mm (Full Thread)ITS F1/F4-1.5PT F4/F1300 019
F1/F4 Injector 1.8mm (Full Thread)ITS F1/F4-1.8PT F4/F1300 020
F1/F4 Injector 2.0 mm (Full Thread)ITS F1/F4-2.0PT F4/F1300 021
F1 NozzleITS F1-NPT F1343 002
F1 Electrode 45ITS F1-E (45)PT F1343 001
F1 Electrode 90ITS F1-E (90)PT F1340 001
F1 N & E SetITS F1 N&EPT F1340 003
F1 injector 1.5 mm (Full Thread & Bent)ITS F1-1.5PT F1 
F1 injector 1.8 mm (Full Thread & Bent)ITS F1-1.8PT F1 
F1 injector 2.0 mm (Full Thread & Bent)ITS F1-2.0PT F1 
Hose Unit: Nozzle PositiveITS 113014-50PT F1 and F4113014-50
Hose Unit: Electrode NegativeITS 113014-49PT F1 and F4113014-49
Hose Unit Complete(Comprises both above Items)ITS 113015-50PT F1 and F4113015-50
Hose Unit Complete (2Metre)ITS 113015-20PT VPS113015-20
Hose Unit Complete (3 Metre)ITS 113015-30PT VPS113015-30


Note: 1. All nozzles & electrodes supplied complete with O rings.

2. Hoses, non standard length availability two weeks.


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