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Posted by Alexei Goncharov ( on 16:01:04 28/04/06

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Dear Gordon and Colleagues One of obvious result from referred material is that the coating on external surface of a cylinder can cramp the substrate so strongly that the cracks of coating likely occur. If there s no preheating and the substrate is cooled so its temperature is low and stable the compressing is more powerful than in some other case. At the same time I think that the thickness of say WC-Co coating less than 0.3 mm and thickness of alumina coatings less than 0.5 assures no cracks. If take into account that the growth of thickness of coating on plane substrate is accompanied by transformation of plane form of surface to slightly cylindrical or spherical in dependence the form of the substrate, it s possible to assume that radial component of stress which compress the substrate can appear in some regions but not at the edges. Speaking about the edges here it is worth to notice that well known decrease of thickness of coating as a measure to avoid peeling of sprayed material can be also explained in frames of suggested model.
I will be grateful for any comments and remarks
Best regards
Alexei Goncharov

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