Re: Surface pattern of electrically-conductive high points or bumps

Posted by Richard Barnwell ( on 15:26:56 03/03/06

: I'm looking for way to create a dense pattern of electrically-conductive high points (bumps) on an aluminum surface without stamping or diecasting. What I'm really looking for is a way to "knurl" a flat surface or create a dense, diamond-like pattern. I know about tread plate but my part is too thick and irregular(and the pattern has to dense) to stamp the pattern into it. Also, my volumes will be low so powder metallurgy and other high-volume methods would not be worthwhile. I'm open to ideas and I am grateful for your input.
: Have you considered generating a mirror image (a mother) from a precision made master by electroforming? Electroforming is a high speed plating process normally depositing an alloy of nickel and cobalt from a nickel and cobalt sulphamate plating solution.
From this mother you could make an insert for an injection moulding tool and injection mould the part (a daughter) in a suitable material. (You could also make a multi impression tool if you need the part in volume).
You could then render the part conductive by electroless plating with copper or nickel processes and then using conventional plating if you need a thicker deposit for current carrying purposes. I hope this helps.

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