I had constructed the piston compressive ring ensuring full capsulation

Posted by Vladislav Lakoza ( on 12:24:11 08/02/06

My name is Vladislav Lakoza. I am an engineer by profession. After finishing Kiyv Aviation Institute (now National Aviation University) I worked on the exploitation of aircrafts with gas and turbomotors and piston engines. I constructed and produced aircraft simulators. I have been interested in the rationalization activity.
After my retiring on a pension I became interested in the improvement on my personal automobile. As a result in 2000 I had constructed the piston compressive ring ensuring full capsulation of compression chamber. It is applicable in all modifications of reciprocators and compressors. It is exploited up to the full radial wear.
The basic advantages of the proposed piston ring before traditional:
- Compression increase in cylinders, in the result of which – the power increase and decrease in fuel consumption;
- Equal magnitude of compression in all cylinders – the absence of vibration;
- Stable compression and fuel consumption during exploitation;
- The Decrease of CO and CO2 emission as the result of equal regime of fuel and air mixture combustion in all cylinders;
- The increase of exploitation term of the piston rings in 4-5 times – the decrease of costs for their change;
- In all motors (automobiles) the fuel consumption will be practically equal that is not less important in economical activity.
Because of financial strait I did not manage to apply for a patent. I give this right with all intellectual property to the interested part. I have the description and the specimen.
In 2001 I installed the piston ring on the engine "412" of the automobile "Moskwich- 412" with cylinder piston group for the petrol AI-80, fuel consumption in the regime route + city 12-12,5 litre per 100 km. After the mounting the fuel consumption was 8,5 5 litre per 100 km. The emission of carbon monoxide "CO" was 0,7%.
Factory engine works with this piston ring on AI-93 (fuel mark) with control fuel consumption 8,8 litre per 100 km. Re-calculation from AI-93 to AI-80 gives the saving of AI-80 not less than 10% (this case). The major thing is that the fuel consumption and emission of carbon monoxide are constant during the whole exploitation term that is impossible by nowadays piston rings.
There is no need in additional equipment for the production of the piston ring except control crampirons. The launching in the mass production is possible in several days.
Tel: +38-0642-61-42-69 E-mail: kolbenring@mail.ru

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