Need to repair cylinder bore ID on alloy block

Posted by Erik Berg ( on 02:43:50 12/11/05

I have an alloy Cosworth BD engine block that had a wrist pin let go during a race. The piston dragged the liner violently up and down in the bore, gouging it rather badly. California Cosworth expert Steve Jennings extracted the dead iron liner, then had an expert technician do some TIG build-up inside the damaged bore, but aborted the job because he felt too much added material (and too high temperature, potentially compromising the heat treat) would be required to finish.
What I want to find is a coating material and process capable of 3~4 mm of material buildup, good adhesion to the high Silicon Aluminum casting alloy, reasonably high tensile strength, and that will not raise the temperature of the base metal too much, so that the heat treat of the base material will not be affected.
Understand here that I do not need a high wear surface finish as used on linerless Aluminum engines; this bore is going to receive a standard dry spin-cast iron liner again after the ALuminum base metal is repaired to its original (or close) bore diameter.
Any ideas?
Erik Berg
Southern California

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