Re: WC/Co - WC in relation to Hardfacing/Thermal Spray

Posted by Rayudu Girish Rao ( on 08:36:53 05/09/05

In Reply to:WC/Co - WC in relation to Hardfacing/Thermal Spray posted by Chuck Fittsworth

Dear Chuck, Thermal spray is now a cutting edge technology. Which eventially would be used in majority of the industries. For Eg it has proven applications in Hydro Turbine coatings, Coatings for Steel industry in aviation etc. Actually you name the industry we will get to you some or the other application. Now the big Question how to generate a coating of WC. Well if you are looking for thermal spray components then we are pleased to inform you that we are the equipment manufacturers for thermal spray system and of course when you will get in touch with us we will provide you with a list of suitable vendors or suppliers of feed stock(Powders) based on your geographic location. Looking forward for an association with you. Regards Girish Rao Asst Manager (R&D) MECPL Jodhpur INDIA

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