Re: VICKERS HARDNESS HV10 VS HV30 - thank you

Posted by Giuseppe ( on 12:02:50 14/01/05

In Reply to:Re: VICKERS HARDNESS HV10 VS HV30 posted by Gordon England

: :I'm looking for experimental data and/or correlation formula to compare 130 HV30, 135 HV30, 140 HV experimental data to the required HV10 customer request.
: : As per my understanding (some reference to BS 860:1967 / ISO 18265:2003) HV10/HV30 are equivalent.

: : Data are referred to:
: : - ASTM A216 WCB
: : - Weld repair
: : - base material 130-140
: : - H.A.Z. 131-138
: : - Heat treatment, PWHT 910°C..

: : Thank you in advance.

: HV/10 and HV/30 results are equivalent in that they use the same scale. In practice though, there can be small differences in the results obtained, which is mainly dependent on the particular test specimens material and nature. This is why it is important for stating the test conditions as in HV/10 against just HV or VPN.

: A specification stating a hardness in say HV/10 should only be validated using that same test. It is not good practice to use another method and convert the result.

: Regards Gordon

Thank you
Best regards

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