Re: Plasma spray Ti6Al4V tianium alloy

Posted by Gordon England ( on 12:03:57 13/10/04

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: Thank you a lot for the answer

: I would like to know if we must take care about the flammability of the Ti powder?
: What we must do for this?
: We need a coating with 15-20% porosity.

: Thank you very much
: G.Papapanos

Yes, titanium powder has fire and explosion risks like many other metal powders such as aluminium. Titanium probably requires more care than most, but if you are set-up to handle thermal spray powders in general, then the same precautions apply.

Important points are to keep powder dry and sealed away from sources of ignition. Avoid generation of dust clouds (explosive mixtures with air). During spraying the material becomes very hot/bright and exothermic similar to the so called one-step or self-bonding aluminium composite type materials, so an increased fire risk if spray area is not kept clean. Spraying booths, extraction and filter systems need to be designed and maintained specifically for thermal spraying (very important as most fires/explosions occur here, make sure systems are fitted with explosion relief panels). Generally, if you are set-up properly for thermal spraying, then you should be taking all the necessary precautions now.

Regards Gordon

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