Re: Removal of Zinc Metal Spray from steel bridge.

Posted by Gordon England on July 24, 2003 at 11:08:41:

In Reply to: Removal of Zinc Metal Spray from steel bridge. posted by Stephen Fry on July 23, 2003 at 17:00:03:

: We are having 'economic' dificulties in removing metal sprayed zinc from a steel bridge deck (30 years old).Currently we have to resort to locally disc grinding after a single pass with a motorised shot blast unit.

: Is there some 'benign' chemical cleaner or etchant that might reduce the adhesion properties to the steel substrate, thereby making removal easier.
: Thank you,
: Steve Fry

Hi Steve

Why are you removing zinc coating and what is to happen to the stripped surface?

Acid pickling or rust removing solutions should attack and degrade zinc coating. I remember using concentrated hydrochloric acid with antimony trioxide additions for analytically purposes, which was very effective and left steel substrate completely free of attack. These methods are usually dip processes conducted in controlled enviroments. I think in your environment chemical stripping will be a very messy process and may not be that effective. Also, there would be serious concerns with regard to health and safety and environmental issues.

I think grit blasting would be the best option, particularly if you are planning to re-coat.

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