Re: Metal spraying of stellite - oxy-gas spray + fusing

Posted by Paul Jarvis ( on June 17, 2004 at 11:54:44:

In Reply to: Re: Metal spraying of stellite posted by Stuart Black on March 03, 2004 at 06:48:10:

: : : I have an requirement for applying a thin (approx 1.6mm thk)layer of stellite to a stainless steel component so as to increase its wear resistance.
: : : Questions:
: : : a) Is this a material that can be sprayed and if yes, do you have company contact details in the UK.

: : : Many thanks

: : Chris

: : Some Stellite materials can be applied by thermal spray and some by thermal spray with post fusing heat treatment. Do you know which Stellite product you require? Depending on the properties that you want from the coating, it may be worth considering many other thermal spray coating types.

: : Regards Gordon
: Chris,
: We have sprayed stellite by HVOF,we would like to know which grade you need,if you send us some drawings of the part we can discuss it in more detail.Company name is Quay Surface Engineering or tel 07974750820.Best Regards Stuart Black

: Chris,
: Stellite powders can be sprayed with relatively low cost oxy-gas spray systems and subsequently fused by heating with a torch. You can get a hardness from 30 Rc to 60 Rc by choosing the right grade of powder. Cylindrical components can be sprayed easily but flat components will distort due to differential contraction. We will be happy to give further advice if you can send a drawing and describe the application.
regards,paul 01623-511542

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