Atomic Number49Molar Mass114.82 gmol-1
Electron Configuration[Kr]4d105s25p1Normal Statesolid metal
Density @STP7.29 g cm-3Melting Point157oC
Boiling Point2072oCStable Isotopes113In, 115In
Atomic Radius167 pmIonic Radius72 (3+) pm
Electronegativity (Pauling)1.78Ionization Energy (1st)558 kJ mol-1
Ionization Energy (2nd)1821 kJ mol-1Ionization Energy (3rd)2704 kJ mol-1
Molar Heat Capacity26.7 J K-1mol-1Standard Molar Entropy57.8 J K-1mol-1
Enthalpy of Fusion3.27 kJ mol-1Enthalpy of Vapourization226.4 kJ mol-1
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