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Plasma Gas Flow Information

Primary gas and helium secondary gas flowmeters on the Metco 7MC and earlier plasma consols are calibrated with nitrogen at 50 psi @ 70oF. Using theoretical gas flow calculations, the actual flow rate of different gases ( argon, helium ) and gases at pressures other than the 50 psi can be calculated.

Theorectical gas flow calculations cannot be used on the 7MC hydrogen secondary flowmeters due to the positioning of the flow adjusting valve before the flowmeter tube. This causes the flowmeters operating pressure to be dictated from back pressure rather than the regulated input.

A gas flow experiment was run to establish data for conversion of plasma gas flow settings to actual flow rates for various operating conditions.The experiment was set up using a 7MC / 9MB plasma spray system fitted with master 7MC flowmeters. Actual flow rates and pressures were measured using massflowmeter and pressure calibration equipment.


Plasma Gas Flow Calculator


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