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Posted by Ram Chattopadhyay ( on 04:55:51 23/09/05

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: Dear all,
: is it possible to spray on polymer substrate
: (epoxy vinyl-ester melting point: 200oC)?
: Which is the most suitable thermal spraying technique?
: Any suggestion for the substrate preparation, bond coat material and cooling of the target?
: Any application?
: Best regards
: Panagiotis

Yes ,polymer surfaces have been coated with metallic(Zn-Al alloys for corrosion resistance) and WC-Co for wear resistance.Angular chilled iron grits of 60 to 100 mesh is used to prepare the sueface.
As pointed out by me on number of earlier replies to queries on thermal spraying and other surface engineering processes, my following 2 books on contains most of the information required:-
1. Surface Wear Analysis, Treatment, and Prevention, ASM International, Materials Park, OH, published as a reference book in 2001, and has been in the best selling list of ASM Intl,
2. Advanced Thermally Assisted Surface Engineering Processes, Kluwer Academic Publisher, MA, USA, contains A to Z of surface engineering processes using 13 heat sources plus a combination thereof. Also includes, theory, practices, QC of coatings, life cycles of coatings .ceramic & polymeric surface modifications, applications and lists of references after each chapter . There are 20 chapters. .
3. For further details you can contact the publishers or me (

ram chattopadhyay

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