Short Courses and Invited Speakers at RIVA 5 - University of Minho

Posted by Vasco Teixeira ( on 19:02:29 29/06/05

Dear all

Thank you very much for all of you which have contributed either for the
announcement forwarding either for the contributions submited to the RIVA
conference organized by SOPORVAC and ASEVA and endorsed by IUVSTA. Please see
the updated information concerning short courses and invited speakers below.
We have received a very large number of excellent contributions from
worldwide! We will have very interesting invited lectures and several high
quality educational/technical short courses.
If you missed the previous announcements there is still time to send your

Regards and see you in Guimaraes-Portugal in September 2005

Vasco Teixeira
(Chair of RIVA 5 Conference)
RIVA 5 Conference is Endorsed by the International Union for Vacuum Science,
Technique and Applications- IUVSTA -
Preliminary list of invited speakers:

- Joseph E. Greene (Editor-in-chief: Thin Solid Films, University of
Illinois,Urbana, USA)-"Structural and Surface Morphological Evolution at the
Atomic Scale during Growth of TM-Nitride Thin Films: Self-organized
Nanostructures "
-Hikaru Kobayashi (Editor Applied Surface Science,The Institute of Scientific
and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Japan)-"Observation of low density
interface states at semiconductor-insulator interfaces by means of XPS
measurements under bias and their passivation".
- Sam Zhang Shanyong (Principal Editor, Journal of Materials
Research, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)-"Nanocomposite carbon
thin coatings"
- Joost W.M. Frenken (Head of Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, The
Netherlands) -"Atomic-Scale Friction and How to Avoid it!"
- Jean-Paul Riviere (Laboratoire de Métallurgie Physique, Université
de Poitiers, France)-"Low energy high flux ion beam nitriding of austenitic
stainless steels"
- Michael Fulton (President of ION BEAM OPTICS Inc., USA)-"Concept for
Lightweight Spaced-Based Deposition Technology "
- Jean-Raymond Gavarri (Director UFR Sciences et Techniques, Université du Sud
Toulon Var, France)-"Oxide based nanomaterials for gas sensor applications"
- Eiji Kusano (Advanced Materials Science R&D Center, Kanazawa Institute of
Technology, Japan)-"Modification of film structure in pulsed and inductively-
coupled-plasma assisted pulsed sputtering."

Tutorial Short Courses:
-"Advanced Surface Analysis Techniques", Carlos Sa (CEMUP, Portugal)
-"Advanced Mechanical Surface characterisation by Scratch Test,
Nanoindentation and Tribology", Philippe Kempe, Gregory Favaro (CSM
Instruments SA, Switzerland)
-"Technological Applications of Plasmas", Dermot Monaghan, V. Bellido-Gonzalez
-"Beyond nanoindentation - nanomechanical surface characteristion in real
working environments - hard coatings to polymers", Krish Narain, (Micro
Materials Ltd, UK)
-"Introduction to Nanostructured Biological Systems and Biomaterials",
Elisabete Oliveira (Univ. Minho, Portugal)

Vasco Teixeira
(Conference Chair)

RIVA V office
University of Minho - Physics Department
GRF-Functional Coatings Group
Campus de Azurém
P-4800-058 Guimarães
phone: +351 - 253 510400/65
fax: +351 - 253 510 401
RIVA website:

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