gas nitriding

Posted by Cristina ( on 11:37:40 21/06/05

Dear sir or madam,

We are a small reseach group from Public University of Navarra in Spain. We are studing the process of gas nitriding on steels: F114, F125, F174, 3343 and 4401. There are two low alloy steels, one Nitralloy, one tool steel and one Stainless Steel. These have been procesed at 520ºC, for 8 hours and with a 30% of anmonia dissociation. We carried out microhardness and tribological tests, but our results (those regarding microhardness test) are very low, about 350 HV on white layer, and about 200 HV on the centre of the sample.

We Know that you have a lot of experience on this and I wonder if you could help us. I would be grateful if you could send us some results related to the microhardness test in order to comparing to ours.

Thanks a lot and sorry to bother you,



Cristina Díaz Jiménez,
Public University of Navarra, Spain
Fax: +34 94816909

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