Nano TiO2 for anti-UV, anti-bacterial and self-cleaning

Posted by Dana ( on 05:15:19 07/03/05

Focus on the R&D of nano-structured titanium dioxide in sunscreen, anti-microbial, anti-static and photocatalysis, Chengyin Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (, is a China based professional manufacturer.

Now we are seeking for cooperation. If you are interest in nano material, please feel free to contact me.

Products Include:

Nano TiO2,rutile, used in sunscreen, UV-block paint. coating;
Nano TiO2 anatase, used as photocatalyst & anti-microbial for coating, paint;
Ag+ compounded anatase TiO2,used as anti-microbial;
Anatase TiO2 sol;
Na(r)3/Ag for anti-bacteria


Difference between nano & normal TiO2:

The method we use for the production of nano TiO2 is called "Cool Vaporization" ,while normal TiO2 use sulphate or chloride method.

Nano TiO2 has a particle size of less than 100 nanometer,while normal TiO2 has a micron size.

As the size of the particles goes to nanometer,new photochemical charateristics occurs in the particle.
For example, the Rutile nano TiO2 particle can block UV light while visible light can pass through. On the other hand, anatase nano TiO2 can have a strong photocatalytic effect.Supplied with energy by UV-light, electron-cavity can emerge on the surface of the particle, which can oxidize big organic molecules attached to the particle.
Therefore, nano TiO2 is applicable in such fields as UV-block sunscreen, UV-block paint, environmental treatment, self-cleaning material, anti-microbial, and thus being used in a lot of traditional industries .

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