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Posted by Gordon England ( on 14:29:10 28/02/05

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: I am looking for typical heat treat and/or nitriding procedures for En40B and En351.
: Both materials are commonly used in Great Brittian. However, we are a USA based company and information on these materials is hard to find.
: Intended use of the alloys is to produce automotive camshafts in low volume production and/or prototype use.
: Thanks for any help you can provide or directions on where I can find the help needed. Feel free to contact us directly to keep unnecessary board traffic to a minimum.

Hi Dennis

EN 40B

Harden in oil from a temperature of 880/910 C
Temper at a suitable temperature between 570 and 750 C. Usually this is how it is supplied.

After machining a stabilising treament at a temperature not lower than 520 C may be used and then nitrogen hardened by an approved process.

EN 351

Blank carburise at a temperature between 880 and 930 C.
Refine at a temperature of 850/880 C, cool in air, oil or water.
Harden in oil from a temperature of 780/820 C.

info from BS 970:1955

Regards Gordon

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