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: : : Hi Gordon!

: : : I would like to know more about "unusual" flow rate unit, i.e. NL/mn or SL/mn. What is all about actually? And how about the conversion to the standard unit of flow rate for example liter/minute?? It's very important to evaluate of the gas distribution system of our detonation spray units. Thank you.

: : : regards,
: : : Yuli

: : Hi Yuli

: : When dealing with volumetric measurement it is important that temperature and pressure are taken into account. A unit like litres per minute is not very useful if the temperature and pressure are not known at time of measurement. To complicate the issue different standards use different values of temperature (SCFH @ 70 F, NLPM @ 0 C).

: : Regards Gordon

: Dear Gordon,

: Thank you for your replying...

: Actually, we have been faced a problem to optimizing our detonation gun unit, but we do not know where to start. The system was just succesfully coated the substrate, but the quality was far from good. I still wonder why we do have control the flow of the gas? Can we just control it from its pressures?

: We used oxygen/acetylene as working gases and nitrogen to carrying powder and to purging the gun.

: Thanks for advanced...
: Yuli

Hi Yuli

If you have no gas flow control or monitoring system, then pressure adjustment will be your only means of altering gas flows. I would suggest you contact the manufacturers of the equipment for more information.

Regards Gordon

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